The Company is formerly known as Sao Nam Trading Service And Production Joint Stock Company, established on December 22nd, 2009.

After many years of operation, the company has grown steadily to become a leading cosmetics company in Vietnam with a firm position in the market, offering a diverse portfolio of high quality personal care and home care services.

At present the Company has officially changed its name FIT COSMETICS JOINT STOCK COMPANY.



  • We research and develop green products based on the concept of public health, because of the green environment and in accordance with the needs of Asian consumers.
  • Fit Cosmetics owns six core brands such as Dr.Kool, NuWhite, and Dr.Clean in the Personal Care Products category along with Tero, Rocket and Ocleen in home care products.
  • Desire to bring satisfaction, joy and peace of mind to consumers through convenient, quality and safety products based on “Korean technology for Vietnamese”.



Fit Cosmetics is constantly innovating and developing under the leadership of Fit Group and experienced and seasoned management who have been supported by more than 500 dedicated staffs. to the whole country.




FIT COSMETICS owns nearly 80% of the total products in its factory located in Long An province in order to ensure the quality, stability and flexibility of its products. These products are sold at more than 100,000 retail outlets throughout Vietnam.

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