TERO Neutral Laundry Liquid - Magical Passion is a twisted scent of premium perfumery essences intriguing a sense of passion. The super-concentrated formula will keep the family's clothes fresh, and clean all day long. With the combination of a neutral pH ratio with Ultra Clean formulation, it is not only gentle on skin and fabrics, also removes hard stains effortlessly.
  • TERO Liquid Detergent with triple stain removal formula gets rid of tough stains in the first wash.
  • TERO Neutral Laundry Liquid provide your clothes with 7 days of lasting freshness.
  • D.S technology eliminates the bad odour with DeodorizeS molecules and Shields diaphragm that break down the odour structure, effectively keeping you fresh with an ever-lasting passion all day.
  • For 20 pieces of clothes, the amount of powder detergent needed is 2 spoonfuls while the amount of liquid detergent is only one cap, so a bottle of liquid detergent can be used for a long time.

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