Rocket Insect Spray - Odourless

  • Eliminates flies and insect bites such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, flies, spiders, fleas and other insects, eliminating the worry of insect-borne diseases.
  • Non-scented products bring fresh air to the room.
  • Products bring home space, absence of insect pests as well as annoying family members.
  • Compact design, convenient to move into the nooks and crannies - the favorite place of insects.
  • The product does not contain harmful ingredients for the health of household members.

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- Active: 0.24% prallethrin, 0.24% d-phenothrin.
- Additives: 99.52%


- Shake well before use, ensure no people and pets in the room.
- Spray directly into the insect to kill quickly, effectively.
- Shake well before use.
- Keep the hose away, hold the vase and spray into the insect shelter for about 8-10 seconds.
Leave the room after spraying and close the door within 15 minutes.
- Ventilation for room to re-enter.
- To protect the room of mosquito repellent, longer insects: Close all doors and windows before spraying.

Storage instructions

- Store in cool, away from temperatures above 50 ° C.
- Do not leave the same food storage area out of the reach of children.
- Do not puncture the bottle or throw it in the fire, even when using the solution in the bottle.
- Do not spray in place for food, aquarium.
- Do not throw sprays into rivers, canals or public watercourses.

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