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OGSM Roll Out 2021: FIT Group has a breakthrough for success

23/01/2021 News |

FIT Group has just held the OGSM Roll Out in 2021 with the theme “Breakthrough for success”.

In 2020, despite many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Board of Directors and all employees of the Group joined hands to overcome difficulties and achieved magnificent results, imparting to the sustainable development of the Group. Specifically, the Group’s revenue in 2020 is estimated at over 1,210 billion dong of pre-tax profit at over 107.3 billion dong.

With the current business model, FIT Group currently has an equity value of over 5,284 billion VND.

The year 2021 has been identified by FIT Group as the year of completing the restructuring process in member companies, creating momentum for the whole Group to enter a stage of sustainable development. Not only that, the Group will launch projects to accomplish the set target of becoming a billion-dollar enterprise. Accordingly, the Group’s revenue and profit targets in 2021 also have breakthroughs as: revenue of over 1,503 billion, gross profit of nearly 500 billion, an increase of 32% compared to 2020.

At the OGSM Roll Out 2021, the department also presented specific action plans to comprehend the Group’s 2021 targets.

At the end of the ceremony, once again, the FIT team firmly proceed to call out the slogan “I, we, engaged to recognize and fulfill the goal” as a strong commitment from the Board of Directors and all employees work together with breakthroughs to complete the set goals so as to form the well-founded FIT Group, reaching the goal of becoming a billion-dollar corporation in the future.

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