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New Dr. Clean Bio Hand Gel protects the health of the users

05/03/2018 News |


FIT Cosmetics has officially launched its new Dr.Clean Bio Antibacteria Hand Gel which is not only handy but also safe for hand skin and health of users.

Dr.Clean is a handwash gel brand that has been present for more than 10 years in the Vietnamese market and has attracted consumers with many outstanding features. With the use of antibacterial optimization, Dr.Clean kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, especially E. coli bacteria causing diarrhea. The product has many natural scents from flowers and fruits to meet the diverse needs and preferences of consumers.

With a mission to care for and protect the health of Vietnamese families from hand-transmitted diseases, along with product diversification strategies, FIT Cosmetics has continuously invested in the research and development of many new line of products and Dr.Clean bio hand gel is a testament.The new Dr.Clean’s hand gel, in addition to the old two scents of apple and strawberry, adds melon scent.Melon nectar is one of the natural, sweet, pleasant, refreshing, and familiar fruit flavors for consumers, especially the melon is a very popular fragrance for child products.

Especially, Dr.Clean’s Bio Hand Gel with advanced BioClean technology that contains 100% bio enzyme derived from natural Nano Cucurmin quickly cleans 99.99% of daily harmful bacteria through hand contact such as Ecoli bacteria causing diarrhea. In addition, Dr. Clean’s Bio Hand Gel helps remove 9 types of the terrible odor on the hands of housewives such as grease, meat, etc. In addition, the pH value of 7.0 of the gel will be balanced and help keep the skin soft, comfortable and not irritated after use.

Moving forward to become the Top 5 Fastest Growing Companies in the Consumer Goods Industry, up to now, this goal has been done by FIT Cosmetics in the direction that the parent company FIT Group has set out. Currently, the products of FIT Cosmetics such as Tero dish washing liquid; Rocket insect spray; Nuwhite Skin Care Shower Cream; Dr.Kool toothpaste line and so on are chosen by the consumers because it has outstanding features that are very safe for the health of users. With continuous efforts to create “Green – Clean – Safe” products for the environment and for the consumers themselves, FIT Cosmetics will undoubtedly be the number one choice for consumers in the future.

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