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All FIT’s employees devote to support the children of employees with congenital heart defects

10/01/2020 Social Activity |

FIT has always given priority to activities to support the disadvantaged circumstances of the Group’s employees with the spirit of solidarity, which has been our long-lasting tradition.

At Vikoda, there was one difficult case: Mr. Nguyen Hai Hoang – sales staff of Ninh Hoa team (Central area 1B) at Vikoda Company, had a child with congenital heart disease. Currently, doctors of the Children’s Hospital 2 has diagnosed the child with pneumonia, heart failure and the disease which is developing in a atrocious direction. In the immediate future, the examination and treatment would cost at least VND 60 million. This colossal amount of money is out of reach for Hoang family’s financial capability.

Accompanying by the difficult circumstances of Hoang’s family, all members of FITs have appealed, supported and contributed somewhat to help Nguyen Hai Hoang’s family overcome difficulties to have a peace of mind in working at FIT.

Photos of Nguyen Hai Hoang’s child being treated at the hospital

By virtue of the Group’s employees generousity, we all hope that Nguyen Hai Hoang’s child will gradually recover and return to normal life quickly.

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