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FIT to sponsor the program “Xuan Tri An 2019” (Spring of tribute -2019) to commemorate over 1700 martyrs in Vi Xuyen – Ha Giang

13/02/2019 Social Activity |

As one of the sponsors for the program “Xuan Tri An -2019”, FIT Group express our desire to actively contribute to the promotion of growing “Gratitude Movement” and to raising awareness and responsibility of every citizen in the construction and defense of the Fatherland.

40 years ago, during the Northern border war, more than 1700 soldiers in Vi Xuyen – Ha Giang fought bravely and sacrificed themselves to defend firmly every inch of the border land of the nation. Promoting the moral principle “When drinking water, remember its source” as well as the spirit of “Gratitude Movement” towards the past generations who sacrificed for national construction and defense, and at the same time getting involved with agencies and authorities to raise the fund of paying tribute to families of war invalids and martyrs under extremely difficult circumstances, FIT Group has sponsored the program “Xuan Tri An – 2019” held on 14-15 January 1, 2019 in Ha Giang province.

The program “Xuan Tri An – 2019” was organized with many meaningful activities to honor and pay tribute the heroic martyrs, martyrs’ families and heroic Vietnamese mothers. On the morning of January 14, 2019, in order to express their respect and remembrance toward heroes who died for the Fatherland, the leaders of the Party, the State, the leaders of the ministries and central agencies, Vietnam Martyrs’ Family Supporting Association as well as the leaders of Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs in Ha Giang province, leaders of Vi Xuyen district together with organizations and unions have offered incense at Vi Xuyen national martyr cemetery – where over 1,772 heroes and martyrs rested in peace. After the incense offering ceremony, on January 15, 2019, at the Ha Giang City Center Hall, the Vietnam Martyrs’ Family Association in collaboration with Ha Giang Department of Labor – Social Affairs held a meeting to give Gifts of gratitude to relatives of martyrs and Vietnamese heroic mothers.

Family members of the martyrs and Vietnamese heroic mothers received gifts in this program

At the tribute ceremony, there were 30 savings books worth 10 million VND each and 75 gifts given to relatives of martyrs and heroic Vietnamese mothers. These are symbolized examples of great dedication and sacrifice for the revolutionary of the Party, for the nation’s longevity and development.

Lieutenant-General Le Van Han handed the savings book to the heroic Vietnamese Mothers and the families of martyrs

With the program of Xuan Tri An – 2019, FIT hope to join the departments to promote the revolutionary tradition, patriotism and national pride, to raise the awareness and responsibility of every citizen in the building and protecting the Fatherland. In addition, being aware of its role and social responsibility of en enterprise, in 2019 FIT and its member companies will continue to carry out more meaningful activities, expressing their determination to join forces in developing the country to become more beautiful and prosperous and civilized.

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