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FIT to share the warmth with the poor before the new year of Ji Hai

13/02/2019 Social Activity |

On the morning of 25/01/2019, on the occasion of the Ji Hai Lunar New Year 2019, as for desire to bring a warm and abundant Tet to the poor, FIT signed on as a sponsor of the Meeting to give gifts to impoverished and difficult households in Tan Trieu commune, Hanoi.

As close to the Ji Hai Tet holiday, in the bustling atmosphere of the New Year, Vietnamese families are more and more eager to prepare for welcoming the new year. However, Tet seems still quite far for the poor and the disadvantages. It is appealing to community for helping and sharing in order to bring a warm and abundant Tet for them.

The Meeting of giving gifts to impoverished and difficult households in Tan Trieu commune, Hanoi taken place on the morning of January 25, 2019 was a meaningful charitable activities launched by Hoa Chum Ngay charity group in co-operation with People’s Committee of Tan Trieu Commune on the occasion of Tet . It is reported that the commune has total of 23 poor households and 35 near-poor households. Wishing to bring the fulfilled atmosphere of the traditional Tet holiday as well as share the warmth with needy families before the Ji Hai Lunar New Year, FIT signed on as sponsor for the program, put a little effort on giving meaningful and practical gifts so as to encourage these families to overcome difficult times, stabilize their lives and welcome a new year with full of faith, warmth and happiness.

In addition to the goal of business development, in recent years, FIT always gives prominence to the social responsibility of enterprise in joining hands with charity groups and local authorities to support the people under difficult circumstances, ensuring social security for people of all classes through a lot of meaningful programs. It can be listed as following: distributing medicines and giving gifts to the poor in remote provinces including Ha Giang, Phu Yen, Kon Tum, Tra Vinh; offering meals for needy patients in major hospitals in Hanoi; etc. In 2019, FIT and member companies in the same system will continue to carry out more and more meaningful activities at a larger scale, contributing to arousing and promoting the morality of mutual protection, affection as well as promoting the spirit of “good leaves to protect the torn leaves” of our people.

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