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FIT organizes a workshop to share Business Principles – The foundation for sustainable business development

20/05/2020 News |

Business principles are valuable assets, which determine the sustainable development of businesses.

Business principles or ethics are the most important components of business culture, the foundation of the customers, consumers and partners’ credit for the business, as well as the basis for building trust, cohesion and loyalty of the staff, ensuring from the leadership to all employees in the company to conduct ethical standards, thereby constantly improving the image, reputation as also brand of the business. The implementation of corporate culture, in which business principles and ethics are one of the most important factors, has become an urgent requirement for the economy. However, violating business ethics is becoming a “painful” issue in the present society. Always appreciating and understanding the importance of business principles for the survival of businesses, FIT organized a seminar to share “Business Principles” to all employees of the Group and member companies  on April 29th, 2020 at Hanoi headquarters.

At the seminar, HR Director Nguyen Thanh Phuong shared the goals, the importance of building business principles for the development of the whole Group and the main content of the 7 business principles approved by Chairman Nguyen Van Sang, including: 1/ Responsibility; 2 / Economic efficiency; 3 / Business integrity; 4 / Health, safety and environment; 5 / Community; 6 / Information; 7 / Compliance. These are 7 principles built and summarized based on the mission, core values ​​and codes of conduct, corporate culture during more than 12 years of establishment and development of FIT Group, embodying the the Board of Directors’ profound philosophy of the business as well as effective means of connecting and building trust with shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and the whole society.

The seminar also creates an objective and multi-dimensional discussion among employees about the application of business principles in each department, job position as well as practical lessons, thereby each employee has a better thorough view of these principles’ role for the sustainable development of the business as well as a serious commitment to abide by the 7 principles set by the Board of Directors during the course of work.

Business principles do not exist independently but crept in each development stage of the business, each day and every hour affects every business activity. The application of Business Principles at FIT is also supported by systems of processes and regulations, ensuring that FIT employees understand the principles and confirm appropriate conduct.  At the seminar, General Director Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet also shared: “If employees make these mistakes, it is the fault of the Board of Directors. We have to do it so that the employees understand and instill, to avoid making employees make these mistakes, it doesn’t mean that employees make mistakes then discipline. ”

Aiming to the goal of becoming an effective investment group, adding value to shareholders through a diverse range of investment advisory products, quality investment portfolio and professional personnel, FIT Group commits continuously training staff based on the principles and philosophies that are pursued by a strict, fair and transparent business monitoring and management system. In particular, 7 business principles will be the guiding, enlightening and creating sustainable values ​​for businesses, forming a foundation for FIT Group to be more & more fully-grown, mature, overcoming all hardships to become one of the enterprises with powerful business ethics, contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s economy as well as the whole society.

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