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All FIT join hands with Central Hospital for Tropical Medicine against Covid 19

09/04/2020 Social Activity |

In response to the call of the Prime Minister and the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front for the people to support the prevention and controlling of the Covid-19 epidemic, on April 7th, 2020, representatives of FIT Group and other member companies  has donated 2000 medical masks, more than 1200 bottles of Dr.Clean dry hand gel to Central Hospital 2, Hanoi;  and also cash support for the Anti-Epidemic Program.

In the fight “Against the epidemic as against the enemy” in recent days, the image of doctors and nurses is compared to the white-shirted soldiers who have devoted themselves, not minding hazards, danger, dedicated their time day and night, not only own the wholeheartedness to cure, but also make psychological reassurance, motivate and care for patients to prevent the risk of Covid epidemic 19. All of that has left a good, deep impression, touched millions of Vietnamese hearts. Facing unpredictable and complicated epidemics which may drag on, Vietnam is in a period of high concentration to prevent community infection, accompanied with a high risk of contamination, medical staff teams are in urgent need of protection and caring from the whole community.

On the afternoon of April 7, 2020, following the call of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, owning a deep spirit of solidarity, willing to share difficulties, conduce more resources, strength and hope for doctors, medical staff at the front line against the epidemics in the area, FIT Group JSC’s staff and its member companies contributed and joined hands to support the Central Tropical Hospital 2000 medical masks and more than 1200 bottles of Dr. Clean dry hand gel at Base 2, Dong Anh, Hanoi. As one of the frontline hospitals in Hanoi, the team of doctors and nurses at Central Tropical Hospital base 2 faced with many challenges during the treatment of patients with Covid 19, especially the patient’s side effects of drugs through different treatment regimens, making doctors & nurses unceasingly solicitous, yet by the sacrifice, courage, wisdom and proudly bravery of the health sector, the hospital has cured dozens of infected patients. At the time of awarding, FIT Group also had the opportunity to share the joyfulness with the doctors and patients when the hospital had 11 more cases announced to be recovered, including: P21, P72, P84, P111, P116 , P136, P137, P192, P197, P200, P222.

In addition to supporting the Central Tropical Hospital, alongside with the desire to join hands with the Government and the State in the fight against the pandemic, from the middle of February 2020, the Board of Directors of the Group has implemented the movement. “FIT joins hands to protect public health” to the whole Group, FIT and its subsidiaries have quickly made meaningful charity trips, such as Giving handwashing to people in hospitals, office facilities in the area; appoint experts to guide people to keep personal hygiene and wash their hands properly to repel bacteria, prevent infection in hospitals, ethnic minority markets, people in highland areas; distributing gifts and medicines to people including masks, antipyretic drugs Paracetamol, vitamin C to increase resistance … Simultaneously, following the call of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, FIT Group has also rapidly sponsored 20 million VND, accompanied with the whole country to against the epidemic. Forward-looking, as the spirit of “Against the epidemic as against the enemy”, FIT Group and its member companies will remain strictly implementing the decrees of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health, ensuring health and safety  for employees, strengthening response measures, stabilizing the production and business status, further joining hands for the community to beat the epidemic.

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