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FIT Group accompanies with giving free medical care to poor people in Ninh Thuan

13/12/2019 Social Activity |

At the end of August, FIT joined with MT group and Tu Hue Voluntary Doctors Association implemented the program “Medical examination, medicine distribution, giving gift ” for 700 people & 300 children in Vinh Hai, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province.

As a commune located along the northeastern coast of Ninh Hai district, Binh Thuan province, Vinh Hai is a land of lack of rain, lots of sunshine, tropical savanna climate to sub-desert with characteristics of hot, dry wind, strong evaporation, complex terrain with 88% of the total natural area is mountainous forests. In the whole commune, 33% of the Raglay ethnic population lives and lives in poverty due to the lack of productive land and lives mainly on the State’s subsidy. Low yields, shrinking acreage. Therefore, people rely on forests to collect forest honey, collect drunken fruits, and sasa fruits to sell. Images of children having to drop out of school to go into forests to collect firewood for sale, which is no stranger in the land this. Poverty, low educational level lead people not to have access to modern health care, medical examination and treatment in this area still faces many difficulties. Therefore, medical examination and treatment, medicine distribution and gift giving organized by the MT team with the companion of FIT and its member companies have chosen Vinh Hai as the next location of the program.

Since 2017, every quarter, FIT Group has always accompanied the medical examination, drug distribution and gift giving programs organized by MT. Especially, this is a volunteer program with the participation of FIT and its member companies such as medicines sponsored by Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company or items for daily life such as toothpaste , hand sanitizer, … sponsored by FIT Cosmetics Joint Stock Company or 100% natural drinking water sponsored by Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company Vikoda.

With a focus on community responsibility activities, FIT and its affiliates are always interested in and participate in diverse social activities in many areas such as health care for poor people, sponsorship activities to improve the health of Vietnam or career-oriented seminars for the younger generation. In the future, FIT and companies in the same system will continue to carry out corporate responsibility with large-scale philanthropy activities with the desire to bring more contributions to improve the lives and health of Vietnamese people, together building for the common and sustainable development of the society.

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