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FIT Cosmetics launches Rocket Gold insecticide with a brand new design

24/01/2018 News |

FIT Cosmetics, a member of the FIT Group, has launched a brand new Rocket Gold Mosquito Spray with a brand new ingredient and remarkable effect.

Dengue fever is a dangerous epidemic in Vietnam, it can lead to death if not diagnosed and treated in time. Particularly the weather characteristic of our country is that the rainy season usually lasts in a long time, enabling Aedes mosquitoes (the main cause of dengue disease) to develop. According to the latest statistics, the country has more than 80 thousand people suffering dengue fever in which 24 people died. The two largest cities in the country, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, are also the two provinces with the highest number of cases. In particular, Hanoi had nearly 14,000 cases, 17 times higher than the same period in 2016 (according to VTV.VN).



Being aware of the dangers of such dengue fever, FIT Cosmetics has launched the ROCKET mosquito sprayer with the mission of PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH, the product is recognized by the Institute of Malaria of HCMC, Ministry of Health for its effective killing of mosquito Aedes transmitting Zika virus and mosquitoes transmitting dengue fever.

In particular, Rocket has the effect of killing six types of harmful insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, fleas, termites, flies, etc. Thanks to these remarkable effects, Rocket mosquito sprayer of FIT Cosmetics has become a familiar brand that consumers prefer to use to prevent mosquitoes for the whole family.

Continuously improving the quality to serve consumers’ needs is always the guideline that the parent company of FIT Group is orienting for the whole system. And so, FIT Cosmetics has been constantly improving the design as well as quality to market the products not only diversified in models, types but also invested with superior quality. Thus, in addition to the available effects of killing six types of insects, the new Rocket products with a three times stronger formula, the super strong nanoparticles in the sprayer, delicate spraying particles can be adjusted to suit the spray nozzle, which improves mosquito and insect killing performance in each spray. Different from mosquito repellents on the market that have a heavy odor, which is annoying in every spray, the new Rocket mosquito sprayer has been enhanced with the addition of natural mosquito repellant with three pleasant scents: lemon, odorless and lavender, bringing the pleasant aroma without affecting the health of the user.



FIT Cosmetics’ new Rocket spray is also certified by the Ministry of Health to remove 100% mosquitoes from dengue fever. In addition, the new Rocket sprayer inherits the advantage of the old product which is that it is produced based on the application of Eco Green technology with the criterion of protecting the environment, protecting the green planet, not harmful to the user, so consumers can feel secure when using. This is the most prominent feature of Rocket product compared to the same products on the market and also the humanitarian value that FIT Group aims for the whole system.

In the future FIT Cosmetics – with the orientation from the parent company FIT Group will focus on developing quality products protecting health and meeting  the diverse needs of consumers, contributing to carry out the mission that the company has proposed “raising the Vietnamese brand.”


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