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FIT accompanies by the project “The school on the cloud”, building schools for poor children in Quang Nam

10/02/2020 Social Activity |

In February last year, in response to the call from the MT-group, FIT participated in the project “The school on the cloud” to build a school for poor children in Quang Nam province.

In order to help and share with mountainous local who are in difficult circumstances, especially the preschools – the country’s future, and at the same time fulfill the responsibilities of FIT to the social community, in early February In 2020, FIT has contributed to the project “The school on the cloud” to build a school for poor children at Long Chen school site, 1 Noc Long Cheng village, Tra Cang commune, Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam Province.

Village 1 Noc Long Cheng is one of the extremely poor villages in Tra Cang commune, located at the top of the mountain next to Ngoc Linh Mountain with an altitude of 2,500m above sea level. Despite the tremendous hardship of life here, it does not prevent the dream of learning and accessing knowledge of local poor children. It is known that the current school they are studying is a wooden school built a few years ago but it has deteriorated seriously, frostbite cold and rainy season makes the learning process becoming more difficult. For that reason, the project “The school in the clouds” come to help the children have a warm, spacious and more solid school, ebolish all the anxiety of storms or freezing weather, lighting the dreams and ambitions of those Preschool – the country’s future.

Every month, every quarter, FIT Group and its affiliates always uphold the responsibility of businesses to society by participating in social activities in many areas such as life, education, health and fitness, actively sharing love with the community and contributing to improving the lives of Vietnamese people. In 2020, FIT and its affiliates will continue to promote philanthropy, implement more meaningful and social programs as well as projects, join hands to build a more sustainable and better community.

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