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F.I.T Group and the Green Trend in Cosmetic Production

28/10/2023 Tin hoạt động |

With the strategic orientation to develop high-quality, safe for users, and environmentally friendly cosmetic products, F.I.T Group has reaped many achievements in the current “green consumption” trend.

Nowadays, the trend of using environmentally friendly products has become a part of daily life for a large segment of consumers around the world. According to the specialized chemical supply company Cognis (headquartered in Germany), the demand for environmentally friendly products has recovered very quickly, maintaining stability in developed markets, and continues to grow in emerging markets. Market analysts believe that this is the result of a strong global awareness of the sustainability and environmental friendliness of consumer products. It can be seen that environmentally friendly products will become an essential need in people’s lives. This trend is opening up new challenges and opportunities for companies in the cosmetic and body care product industry. That’s why, around the world today, many companies have invested in the development of green technology, emphasizing environmental friendliness, especially companies operating in the cosmetic production industry.

Grasping this global trend, F.I.T Group has strategically oriented the development of Personal Care and Family Care (Home & Personal Care) products that are of superior quality, non-toxic, safe for users, and environmentally friendly through its subsidiary FIT Cosmetics, meeting the stringent requirements of consumers, helping F.I.T Group enhance its position and increase its competitiveness both domestically and internationally.

Through the strategy of pursuing the green trend in cosmetic production, F.I.T Group and its subsidiary FIT Cosmetics aim to create brands that not only excel in quality but are also sustainable, environmentally friendly, and safe for consumers’ health. Some products can be mentioned such as: Tero biological dishwashing liquid with 100% natural enzyme ingredients; Tero multi-purpose laundry detergent with a neutral pH level that is harmless to hands, safe for users’ health, helps protect each fabric strand, making clothes always soft; Dr. Clean bath milk – a line of bath milk with over 90% natural origin with rice bran oil extract and minerals, helps to gently clean the dust layer while still ensuring pH balance for the skin; Dr.Cleanex Pro hand sanitizer helps to clean harmful agents but still keeps the hands always soft, eliminates hand odors, etc.

Tero multi-purpose laundry detergent with outstanding properties has a neutral pH, does not harm the skin of hands, and is safe for the health of users

With continuous efforts, FIT Cosmetics products have been trusted by consumers and honored as a business with products that have achieved “Top 100 best products, services for families and children the VI, year 2019”.

FIT Cosmetics was honored as “Top 100 – best products and services for families and children” for the 6th time 2019

Especially, since June 2023, FIT Cosmetics and F.I.T Group have successfully researched and applied multi-enzyme technology to the TERO Biological product line, including biological laundry detergent, biological dishwashing liquid, and biological floor cleaner. Unlike other cleaning products on the market, the cleaning products under the Tero biological brand have effectively applied the maximum efficiency of 100% European multi-enzyme technology, not containing harmful chemicals, bringing cleaning efficiency and absolute safety when used for babies and people with sensitive skin. Shortly after its launch, Tero biological products quickly gained the affection of consumers. With superior ingredients and effects, Tero biological product lines are increasingly being embraced by consumers, thereby promoting the green consumption trend through the use of safe biological cleaning products sourced from enzymes, ensuring health safety for the whole family.

Tero biological products include: Dishwashing liquid, Laundry liquid and Floor cleaning liquid

The achievements of FIT Cosmetics are practical evidence for the correct strategy that F.I.T Group is pursuing, contributing to a strong inspiration for a green, modern lifestyle. In the coming time, F.I.T Group aims to develop more product lines originating from nature, bringing to consumers high-class, environmentally friendly products, contributing to “Elevating the quality of life” for Vietnamese consumers.

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