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F.I.T Anniversary of Establishment: the 13-year milestone, bold to hit new peaks

06/03/2020 News |

A dignified ceremony came off at the F.I.T Group Joint Stock Company on the 6th of March, 2020, to celebrate the 13th F.I.T Anniversary of Establishment with the presence of the Board of Directors and the whole group’s employees.

13 years is a period of great significance, marking the full-grown milestones of F.I.T. Experiencing a journey of structuring and developing, gone over many hardships and challenges, a long road with great movements in terms of the Group’s stature and position, throughout the first days of foundation, FIT has completely transformed from a small-scale investment company into a large corporation with the capital of trillions of dong. That terrific transformation comes from the contributions of the efforts, strength, knowledge of many group employees generations as well as their passion, enthusiasm and devotation. Last but not least are the right decisions of The Board of Directors, which has brought FIT Group to overcome all tough spots and obstacles.

In the process of formation and advancement, the Group’s Management Board is always persistent in pursueing its mission – to improve the lives of Vietnamese people, by means of the best products. This has imbued each generation of employees as a corporate culture beauty throughout the Group. At the ceremony, General Director Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet touchedly shared: “The wishes and desires of the FIT Board of Directors are all expressed in the F.I.T song, which is to bring the best products to improve the health of Vietnamese people, thereby when we do good things for society, I firmly believe that all of the staff, all customers, all partners accompany us as well as other departments and agencies would have policies to support us in our progress. I am profoundly convinced that one day, F.I.T Group will grow in the form of a billion-dollar corporation  as our vision.”

FIT’s 13-year anniversary is becoming more and more significant because this year, the Board of Directors of the Group has launched the program “FIT join hands to protect public health” to all member companies, and the clips of the contest were shown at the ceremony with practical and meaningful programs, contributing to raising awareness and knowledge about protecting and improving community health, leaving a deep impression in mind individually at FIT. FIT Cosmetics was honored to win the First Prize of the program with the delivering of the message “In association with Dr.Clean to protect public health – Give love, do not give bacteria”. Not only contains social meaning, the program launched by the Board of Directors on the occasion of the FIT 13th establishment anniversary also be a part of  lighting the fire of solidarity, cohesion, love sharing and uplifting spirit of togetherness among all FIT employees.

The year 2020 marks the 13 years of the group’s establishment and development with breakthrough turning points plus received many great successes along with many large-scale, potential investment projects, which serve as a foundation for the rise in the following years. Accordingly, the celebration is also an occasion for the Board of Directors as well as all FIT employees to look back on the memories from the very start of the establishment days, to share the joy, pride and determination, to bring FIT Group to become more and more stable, obtain further successes, rise to revolutionary levels, turn FIT Group into a multi-billion-dollar corporation, a transparent and prestigious Group with effective, increasing investment value for shareholders through a variety of investment advisory products, quality portfolio, and professional personnel. Along with the relentless efforts, the high determination of hearts always full of enthusiasm, the Board of Directors and all FIT employees are confident to preserve and promote the good traditional values, upholding the fire of desire and eagerness, writing new and more glorious history pages of FIT and its member companies in the near future.

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