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Dr.KOOL Junier with new banana flavor

06/03/2018 News |

Following the success of of Dr. Kool Junior toothpaste with orange and strawberry flavor, Fit Cosmetics has just launched the new Dr.Kool Junior with banana flavor to add to your children’s choice.

The dental care of children is something that all parents are now interested in and is a top priority in Vietnamese families. Although there are many kid toothpaste products on the market today, Dr.Kool Junior toothpaste lines with natural ingredients are now the parent’s choice.

Always loyal to the motto of diversifying products to serve the needs of consumers, FIT Cosmetics has launched Dr.Kool Junior toothpaste with new banana flavor to protect baby teeth and expand the choice for the children.

Baby teeth are a very sensitive part, so children’s eating habits accidentally cause tooth decay, wounds, and gum disease, etc. Understanding that, new banana-flavored Dr. Kool Junior is formed in high-grade gel made by advanced Korean technology containing 100% Xylitol which enhances its antibacterial properties to prevent cavities, ingredients of Flouride-free cream should be safe for your baby when swallowed. New Dr Kool Junior has a special formula that is not spicy along with the flavor of banana suitable for children’s preferences. In addition, banana-flavored Dr Kool Junior is also added with vitamins, nutrients to make their teeth healthy, shiny, and also stimulate them to brush more often.


Especially, besides the inherent advantages of the quality products, the favorite fragrances, the preferred ingredients, Banana Dr. Kool is also marketed by FIT Cosmetics at competitive prices compared to the same products to create favorable conditions for customers to use products in the most suitable and economical way.

Being rated as a toothpaste product able to create a strong competitive advantage in the Vietnamese market, the Dr. Kool Junior in particular and consumer products of FIT Cosmetics in general have many opportunities to create breakthrough, dominate the market, aiming to “raise the brand of Vietnam”. This is also the long-term strategy of FIT Cosmetics set by the parent company F.I.T. to raise FIT Cosmetics to the top five consumer goods companies in Vietnam with the mission to connect and improve the lives of Vietnamese consumers through the products and services of superior value.

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