06/03/2020 News

FIT Cosmetics flashly launched the product Dr.Clean Dry Hand Gel during Covid-19 pandemic season

In the context of the complicated epidemic of pneumonia (Covid-19), which is becoming more and more complicated worldwide, in order to protect the health of yourselves as well as the community

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11/02/2020 Promotion

FIT: Q4’s report has become the highest value of 66 billion dong in the last 16 quarters

Financial income 3 times higher than the same period last year, along with saving many types of expenses contributed to FIT big profits reported in Q4 / 2019

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28/02/2019 Promotion

Convey the message, send your love by NuWhite gift box on the occasion of 8/3

Leaving all the worries and troubles in life behind, International Women’s Day 8/3 is always a special occasion that any woman wishes to receive love from her beloved

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18/10/2018 Promotion

FIT Cosmetics introduces special NuWhite Gift Box on the occasion of 20/10

On the occasion of the 84th anniversary of Vietnamese Women’s Day, with the desire to pay tribute to customers who have trusted and supported FIT Cosmetics’s NuWhite brand

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04/10/2018 Promotion

FIT Cosmetics: More convenient, more economical with the TERO neutral liquid detergent pouch

In addition to the 1.8kg or 3.8kg plastic bottle packaging, housewives will now have new option with a neutral liquid detergent Tero coming in packaging pouch that save your money while keeping your laundry clean and ensure family caring.

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18/06/2018 News

FIT Cosmetics with biotechnology achievements in modern life

Biotechnology means self-producing the products on an industrial scale, in which direct and determinant factors are living cells (microorganisms, plants, animals)

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04/06/2018 Promotion

Dr.Kool Kids toothpaste launch promotion to celebrate the International Children’s Day

To celebrate the International Children’s Day, FIT Cosmetics has launched a special promotion for Dr. Kool Kids toothpaste from June 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018

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28/05/2018 Promotion

Protect hands, clean up 99.9% of bacteria by biotechnology from BioClean

In May 2018, FIT Cosmetics launches the program “Protect hands, clean up 99.9% of bacteria by biotechnology” with Dr.Clean products.

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28/05/2018 Promotion

Be whiten in summer, don’t care of sunshine with NuWHITE

FIT Cosmetics is going explode this summer with program “Be whiten in Summer, don’t care of sunshine with NuWHITE” launching for only this May

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28/05/2018 Promotion

OCLEEN Floor cleaner – For shiny, glossy floors

Using OCLEEN Floor cleaner – a breakthrough product thanks to Super Clean cleansing technology, will remove dirt in every corner of floor

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17/05/2018 Promotion

Tero appeared on VTV1 noon business finance newsletter

As part of the FIT Cosmetics brand development series, Tero neutral liquid detergent has been featured in the VTV1 lunchtime Financial News

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18/11/2017 Promotion

Tero appeared on the Noon Business Finance News on VTV1

Tero’s appearance on the Noon Business Finance News on VTV1 helps the brand strengthen its name and affirm its brand for Vietnamese consumers. The Noon Business Financial News is broadcast...

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