20/05/2020 News

FIT organizes a workshop to share Business Principles – The foundation for sustainable business development

Business principles or ethics are the most important components of business culture, the foundation of the customers, consumers and partners’

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07/04/2020 News

FIT Cosmetics 2020: Time to reap the first sweet fruits

Last several years, the brand Dr. Clean became a “hot trend” name in the Vietnamese consumer market. Few people knew, Dr. Clean is owned by FIT Cosmetics

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06/03/2020 News

F.I.T Anniversary of Establishment: the 13-year milestone, bold to hit new peaks

A dignified ceremony came off at the F.I.T Group Joint Stock Company on the 6th of March, 2020, to celebrate the 13th F.I.T Anniversary of Establishment with the presence of the Board of Directors and the whole group’s employees

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06/03/2020 News

FIT Cosmetics flashly launched the product Dr.Clean Dry Hand Gel during Covid-19 pandemic season

In the context of the complicated epidemic of pneumonia (Covid-19), which is becoming more and more complicated worldwide, in order to protect the health of yourselves as well as the community

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12/02/2020 News

Interview FIT’s General Director – VTV1 Financial News

General Director of FIT Group participated in an interview on the Business Financial News broadcast at 7am of VTV1 on February 12th , 2020

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22/01/2020 News

FIT OGSM Roll Out 2020: Centralizing on investing in large potential projects

OGSM has long been a very unique culture at FIT, one of the factors that make the success of FIT Group today.

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