05/04/2018 Social Activity

750 meals were given at K3 Tan Trieu Hospital and National Institute of Burn

Continuing the chain of meaningful activities organized monthly, FIT has given over 750 free meals at Tan Trieu K3 Hospital and the National Institute of Burn

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05/04/2018 Social Activity

FIT executed “Cherishing Tet – Full Tet” in Lunar New Year of Dog

Traditional New Year is the most important time of the year. New Year’s Eve is the time when the Vietnamese from every corner will return to their warm home

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06/03/2018 News

Dr.KOOL Junier with new banana flavor

Following the success of of Dr. Kool Junior toothpaste with orange and strawberry flavor, Fit Cosmetics has just launched the new Dr.Kool Junior with banana flavor

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05/03/2018 News

New Dr. Clean Bio Hand Gel protects the health of the users

FIT Cosmetics has officially launched its new Dr.Clean Bio Antibacteria Hand Gel which is not only handy but also safe for hand skin and health of users.

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24/01/2018 News

FIT Cosmetics launches Rocket Gold insecticide with a brand new design

FIT Cosmetics, a member of the FIT Group, has launched a brand new Rocket Gold Mosquito Spray with a brand new ingredient and remarkable effect

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13/12/2017 News

FIT Cosmetics launches New 5 Effect Dr.Kool – Optimal product for Vietnamese families

With the launch of this new line, FIT Cosmetics is gradually realizing its expectation that over the next five years Dr. Kool...

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22/11/2017 News

FIT Cosmetics Appoints New General Director

FIT Cosmetics held the appointment of Mr. Nguyen Thien Phuoc as General Director of the company. Mr. Nguyen Thien Phuoc has many years of experience in consumer goods. With the appointment of the...

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22/11/2017 Social Activity

FIT Offered Meals to 700 Patients At K Tan Trieu Hospital And National Institute Of Acupuncture

The meal giving at the hospital is one of the volunteer activities that the FIT Board of Directors has directed to spread the spirit...

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18/11/2017 News


FIT Consumer Joint Stock Company – a member company of FIT Group held an event to introduce...

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18/11/2017 Social Activity

FIT sponsored the 100th anniversary of the Russia’s October Revolution

FIT is proud to be the official sponsor of the Russian October Revolution anniversary, which is a meaningful program, a symbol of friendship between the people of Russia and Vietnam...

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