24/09/2018 News

Dr.Clean – One of the product lines that build the brand name of FIT Cosmetics

Dr.Clean is one of the pioneer and most famous products of FIT Cosmetics. Having presented for more than 10 years in Vietnam market, Dr.Clean has had a firm

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24/09/2018 News

OCLEEN Glass Cleaner – you’re your glass top shine like new

Nowadays, families who love modern interior design prefer to use light-boosting furniture to make the house more luxurious and more aesthetically pleasing. However, glass doors, mirrors or shiny surfaces always require regular cleaning,

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18/09/2018 Social Activity

Dr.Kool Kids sponsors ” Children’s Healthcare Program in District 3 – 2018″

On August 11, 2018, Dr.Kool Kids Toothpaste Brand was one of the brands to honorably sponsor the program named Children’s Health Care held in Children’s House of District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

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13/08/2018 News

OCLEEN Bathroom Cleaner – Make your bathroom spotless in just a glance

Using OCLEEN Bathroom Cleaner with Super Clean formula will help housewives clean the bathroom efficiently, save time, and keep the bathroom shining and spotless.

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13/08/2018 Social Activity

FIT donates to help autistic children with painting ability

Promoting the sympathy and sharing spirit, on 10/08/2018, the FIT collective directly visited, sent words of encouragement and awarded a small amount of money to support for living costs for Quang Huy’s family, a kid with autism and ...

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07/08/2018 Social Activity

Act for public health, FIT organizes medical examination and treatment, medicine distribution and delivering gifts to 1000 people in Kon Tum

On 28/07/2018, FIT Group has cooperated with MT group to organize the program “Medical examination, medicine distribution and gift giving” for 1000 ethnic

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02/08/2018 News

FIT: OGSM Preliminary Conference to summarize the first six months of 2018 – Strengthening corporate governance of the Group, creating a solid foundation for sustainable development

On July 26, 2018, following the yearly traditions of the Group, the OSGM Preliminary Conference for the first 6 months has been organized with

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25/07/2018 Social Activity

FIT: 850 free rice portions for poor patients at K Hospital and National Institute of Burns

Promoting the spirit of humanity, compassion and cooperation for the development of the community, once a month, FIT cooperates with the volunteer group

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19/07/2018 News

OCLEEN multi-purpose cleansing spray – Challenges stubborn stains

OCLEEN Multi-purpose Cleansing Spray with Super Clean Cleansing Technology from FIT Cosmetics will definitely be an effective and convenient solution for housewives

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10/07/2018 News

Rosy Room Spray – Convenient solution for modern life

Nowadays, room spray is not unfamiliar to families. Especially in modern life when women are always busy, keep worried about work, family and social relationships

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02/07/2018 Social Activity

FIT donated charitable rice portions for more than 800 patients in Hanoi National Cancer Hospital K3 and National Institute of Burns

As part of a series of monthly charitable activities, on June 26, 2018, FIT has continued to cooperate with Moringa Flower (Hoa Chùm Ngây) Volunteer Group to donate 850 rice

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18/06/2018 News

FIT Cosmetics with biotechnology achievements in modern life

Biotechnology means self-producing the products on an industrial scale, in which direct and determinant factors are living cells (microorganisms, plants, animals)

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