19/12/2018 Social Activity

FIT continues to distribute 850 charitable meals at K Hospital and National Hospital of Acupuncture, Hanoi

On 11/12/2018, continuing the journey of sharing love with the poor patients, FIT and Hoa Chum Ngay volunteer group proceeded to donate 850 charity meals at the K Hospital and the National Hospital of Acupuncture, Hanoi

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19/12/2018 News

Dr.Kool Seahorse Toothbrush: An effective oral care solution for kids

Every mother all wants her baby to have a strong teeth and bright smile. Therefore, in addition to proper oral care in the early years of life, choosing the right toothbrush for the baby is also vital.

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11/12/2018 News

Tero fabric softener – Fresh scent from nature

In the daily laundry, the final stage in a perfect washing process is retaining the fragrance for as long by the softener. Fabric softener is a powerful assistant to help clean, soften clothes and keep them smelling good all day

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26/11/2018 Social Activity

FIT to donate 850 charitable rice, sharing love with poor patients at the K Hospital and National Institute of Burns, HN

Every day, there are thousands of patients and family members struggling with the serious diseases at National Institute of Burns and K Hospital (Hanoi). Among them are a number of poor patients

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13/11/2018 Social Activity

FIT to provide medical examination and treatment for 1000 people in Binh Phu, Dong Thap

Medical examination and treatment for people in remote and mountainous areas are among the practical social activities implemented by FIT and member companies in the same system in cooperation with MT volunteer group

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29/10/2018 Social Activity

FIT donates 850 charitable meals to poor patients at K Hospital and Hanoi National Institute of Burns

With the willing to share with disadvantaged patients who are struggling with the diseases, once a month, FIT in collaboration with the volunteer group Hoa Chum Ngay spend a day to

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29/10/2018 News

FIT organizes the Group Run Competition to celebrate 20/10

On the occasion of the 88th anniversary of the Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20th, with the desire to bring to the staffs of FIT Group a meaningful celebration,

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18/10/2018 Social Activity

FIT Cosmetics joins The Green Walkathon- Walk for environment protection

Walkthon is an annual event held by the Olympia Schools with the purpose of community development. This year, the event was taken place on October 13, 2018 at Yen So Park, Hanoi under the name of “The Green ...

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12/10/2018 Social Activity

FIT Cosmetics participates in Health Day 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City

In celebration of the 27th International Day of the Elderly, in response to the Action Month for the Vietnamese Elderly and to celebrate 88 years of Vietnamese Women’s Day, Ho Chi Minh City’s

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03/10/2018 Social Activity

FIT continues to offer 850 free meals to impoverished patients at the National Institute of Burns and K Hospital

Since its establishment, with the goal of building a sustainable corporate which not only does business effectively, but also has willing to share with the community

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03/10/2018 Social Activity

FIT sponsors “The Full Moon Festival” for poor children in Ha Giang province

Mid-Autumn Festival is a beautiful childhood memory of many generations, but with the disadvantaged children in Ha Giang, having this kind of small fun is not that easy because the living conditions here is extremely tough and ...

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24/09/2018 Social Activity

FIT participated in the charity fair to support poor students in Ha Giang

Mid-Autumn Festival is the event that any child feel most excited in the year, because they can be free to play, to eat many kinds of Mooncakes, to celebrate with traditional 5-pointed star shaped lanterns, to sing happily.

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