12/02/2020 News

Interview FIT’s General Director – VTV1 Financial News

General Director of FIT Group participated in an interview on the Business Financial News broadcast at 7am of VTV1 on February 12th , 2020

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10/02/2020 Social Activity

FIT accompanies by the project “The school on the cloud”, building schools for poor children in Quang Nam

In February last year, in response to the call from the MT-group, FIT participated in the project “The school on the cloud” to build a school for poor children in Quang Nam province

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22/01/2020 News

FIT OGSM Roll Out 2020: Centralizing on investing in large potential projects

OGSM has long been a very unique culture at FIT, one of the factors that make the success of FIT Group today.

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13/01/2020 Social Activity

FIT sponsors the 2019 National Countervailing Tournament

As an enterprise that always advocates responsibility to the community, especially fitness and sports activities, FIT Group has long been a regular sponsor of golf courses in particular, as well as sport competitions in Vietnam in general.

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10/01/2020 Social Activity

All FIT’s employees devote to support the children of employees with congenital heart defects

FIT has always given priority to activities to support the disadvantaged circumstances of the Group’s employees with the spirit of solidarity, which has been our long-lasting tradition

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13/12/2019 Social Activity

FIT Group accompanies with giving free medical care to poor people in Ninh Thuan

At the end of August, FIT joined with MT group and Tu Hue Voluntary Doctors Association implemented the program “Medical examination, medicine distribution, giving gift ” for 700 people & 300 children in Vinh Hai, Ninh Hai district, ...

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22/10/2019 News

FIT Cosmetics keeps Vietnamese children’s teeth healthy

Dr.Kool Kids, a type of toothpaste for kids by FIT Cosmetics (FCO) has been a favorite choice and highly appraised by local customers for its high quality and eye-catching design

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09/04/2019 Social Activity

FIT sponsor for VGA UNION CUP 2019

VGA UNION CUP is the 4th tournament organized in this year, within the Vietnam Golf Association’s competition system (VGA), taking place once per year

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09/04/2019 Social Activity

More than 800 poor patients continue to be given free meal at K Hospital, Acupuncture Institute and National Burn Institute

Following the series of charity activities since 2017, FIT and Hoa Chum Ngay group together giving free meals to over 800 poor patients at K Hospital, Acupuncture Institute and National Burn Institute

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26/03/2019 Social Activity

FIT Group and loving-kindness to share with disadvantaged patients in K Hospital and National Institute of Burns, HN

Prioritizing on social works, charitable activities have long become a regular activity, a beauty in the corporate culture of FIT Group

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26/03/2019 News

Dr. Kool Panda Clean Toothbrush: Keep children teeth strong and shiny

According to studies of dental experts, it is the excess sugar in food and bacteria in the child’s mouth that causes tooth decay. When combined, they form plaque on the teeth

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28/02/2019 Social Activity

FIT Cosmetics in cooperation with VTC News to bring a warm Tet to poor people in two communes of Ninh Thuan province

On January 23, FIT Cosmetics Joint Stock Company has cooperated with VTC News and Youth Union of Ninh Thuan Department of Construction to give Tet’s gifts to disadvantaged households in two communes – Phuoc Tan and An Hai ...

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